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Rinse your tan off in as little as one hour. From a sun kissed glow to ultra dark tanning, our tan is perfect for all types of tan lovers. Its long lasting and has even fade technology.

How To Prepare For Your Spray Tan:
  • Waxing is best done minimum 48hrs prior to ensure all residue is off the skin
  • Shaving is best done 6-24hrs prior to your appointment to allow pores to settle and reduce the chance of ‘black dots’ forming
  • Exfoliating is best done a few hours prior or the night before to allow pores to settle before your appointment
  • Please arrive with clean skin free from deodorant, makeup, moisturizer or perfume
  • Do not use any body washes or lotions that contain fragrances or mineral oils as this can affect the result
  • Avoid washing hair before appointment
  • Come dressed in dark, loose clothing
  • Shower directly before appointment if possible to remove any beauty products and acidity from skin
How To Care For Your Spray Tan
  • Rinse tan off with warm water only for the first shower, gently brushing over the body to ensure the bronzer is removed evenly
  • Do not moisturise your body until after your second shower to allow the tan to continue to develop to its full depth (16-24 hours)
  • Pat dry with a towel after each shower
  • Avoid chlorine, massage, excessive exercise or saunas within the first 24 hours
  • Avoid tight clothing for first 16-24 hours. Sports wear, jeans etc.
  • Avoid using products containing SLS and mineral oils as these can cause tan to fade quickly and alter colour
  • Our solution does not contain an SPF so don't forget to apply sunscreen
  • Stay hydrated 2 litres a day does wonders for the longevity of your tan


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